2004-08-25 - 4:55 a.m.

Just in time for everything...I get sick. I am sick. Not terribly sick, but the kind of sick where you know that if you do anything but lay in bed reading you are going to be really sick. And I have a lot to do, I don't have time to lay in bed reading. I have only six more days to get this house cleared out and ready for painting and repair.

I was so tired yesterday afternoon that I totally slept through the sirens of police cars and two ambulances arriving at my neighbors house and parking in my yard. I slept through three calls on my answering machine AND the ringer on the phone. When I woke up I had three messages and saw all sorts of twirling red lights from the emergency vehicles in my yard. It was weird. Scary weird. Sometimes I sleep too hard. Sometimes I sleep too lightly and the neighbors phone ringing will wake me up.

I am trying to make a t-shirt for my last day of work...but in this chaos I can't find my CD's with all the design programs. I am getting upset. I want a shirt that says, "It's my last day!" and on the back I am going to write,

"ADIOS SUCKERS!" This will be good.

Must brush teeth now. Husband isn't at work this morning. So I had lots of free internet time. Funny this routine he and I have gotten into in the last two years. We e-mail all morning until I leave for work, then he calls (usually) on his lunch break, then on his way home (which is usually when I am going home too) and then again in the evening before bed. We talk all the time. It's no wonder I feel so lost when he is travelling for work. Then I only usually talk to him for a little while at night.



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