2004-08-22 - 8:06 p.m.

So, I decided my little stint with the laundry mat is over. After only twenty minutes there tonight I drove back home and called the washing machine repair guy. I was so enjoying this laundry mat stint, but it is so time to not go anymore before I get really annoyed with it and end up hating the laundry mat for the rest of my life. Not to mention to amount of money I am wasting.

I picked up a magazine and my mind was a little tickled by an article I was reading, I knew I had read it before...and I looked at the date on the magazine and it was from 1992. I must have read that magazine ten years ago when I first moved in here and was without a washer and dryer.

There was a really annoying lady there. She was old-ish, but obviously dressed in her laundry day outfit, it was too contrived, too perfectly laundry day outfitish. She even had a baseball cap on. And she had all sorts of eighties clothes and knee highs and big bras hanging from five carts while her laundry was going. She ate three bags of chips while childishly sitting on the folding table swinging her feet. I wanted to kill her. Especially since she used ALL the top layer of dryers and I had to use the bottom layer, which is a pain in the ass. I don't mind using a couple, but not for all my laundry.

Got hit on by a man who chose to ignore the blaring ring on my finger. He said, "so, are you married?" and I said, "Yes, I am." and the girl next to me folding clothes kind of snorted and said, "uh, yeah, don't you see the ring on her finger?

Another woman kept yelling at her kid, which is just too hillbilly for me.

Smoking lady in the smoking area couldn't be bothered to get her clothes out of the only washers that were finished so someone else could start a load. She HAD to finish her 5,000 foot cigarette first.

And I lost a towel.



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