2004-08-20 - 8:29 p.m.

Note to self. You must stop being mean to talking girl at work. She is a very nice girl and honestly it is better to have someone be so friendly and willing to talk than to have someone be mean and silent. Right? Uh, yeah. Anyway, stop being mean to her because it isn't working, when she says, "Whisper, you are being mean, I am not going to talk to you for the rest of the day," she doesn't mean it. She will be standing right next to you talking your ear off the next second.

Note to self. When you are almost late for work and are stopped at a stop light trying to throw things in your bag so you can just dash out of your car and into the restaurant, DO NOT TAKE YOUR KEYS OUT OF THE IGNITION AND THROW THEM IN YOUR BAG. That was really dumb. And it didn't help that your bag was full and the keys went to the bottom and when the light turned green you still hadn't found them and had to dump your whole bag out again on the seat. You are a total mess girl. Get a grip.

Note to self. Ignore fat cat that won't shut up EVER in the summer unless he is outside. You must train fat cat to shut up. WHY CAN'T FAT CAT UNDERSTAND THAT I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE HIM BEHIND IN A NEW HOME AND HE NEEDS TO SHUT UP AND BE NORMAL SO I CAN TAKE HIM WITH ME?????? WHY MUST HE WANT TO BE OUTSIDE??? ALL HE DOES IS SIT ON THE PORCH AND SLEEP. SHUT UP.

Note to self. In your next life when you start a relationship with someone the lives far far away, you must save every cent you can so that you don't end up a month from moving far far away and living day to day with whatever money you manage to make at your piddly waitress job. You should have had a big nest egg ready for this. How are you ever going to make it there without any money? You need about $10,000 right now, and that is just expenses and stuff. That doesn't even include bills and money needed to fix house so you can sell it so you can money.

Note to self. If you don't get rid of at least half of these stupid clothes you have had for years and years I am going to break your toes.

Note to self. Stop reading books about insane/mentally impaired people. You are now on book four in a row about someone with a mental problem. Okay, so the book about the autistic boy was okay to read, an important read, but you have a problem when you read books like this and you can identify with all mental problems. You are not in any way shape or form autistic.

Note to self. Go to bed.


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