2004-07-18 - 6:28 a.m.

I've parked in the exact same spot at work for seven years. But yesterday I parked in a different spot because I was running kind of late and I had two bags of junk in my car to throw in the dumpster, so I parked right next to the dumpster so I wouldn't forget to throw that stuff in there after work. EVERYONE came in saying, "what is going on? Why are you parked in a different spot?" They were actually kind of freaked out. Anyway, I told everyone why. When I told Kris she asked why I didn't throw that away now, wouldn't it make my car stink? And I told her it wasn't "garbage" it was just junk from my house that didn't work or was useless and I didn't have room in my garbage. So she says, "yeah, my husband does that, he has PILES of junk that doesn't work that he won't throw away." So a little while later her husband asks me why I am parked in a different spot and I tell him the story, that I have junk in my car that I need to throw in the dumpster. He comes in a little while later and says, "I threw that stuff from your car away, well...except the speakers and that stereo...I am keeping those." His wife isn't finding it too funny and now I am forbidden to bring anything else in to throw away.

I am wondering why people think crab grass is so evil. I mean, I know it creates havoc in a flower bed...but why are people so adament to keep it out of their lawns too? I have a crab grass problem, because I refuse to use chemicals and stuff and while it is irritating in my flower the lawn I think it is wonderful. In fact, I think someday my whole lawn shall be crab grass. Because...if you let crab grass go it becomes really dense. It doesn't ever turn brown, and when you mow it you are left with a really thick, uniform, dark green lawn. And nothing else can grow, no dandelions (though I am fond of dandelions) nothing. Just grass. As long as I can keep it out of my flower beds. I get so irritated with people and the weed situation. Crabgrass is evil to people, but WHY? Flowering "weeds" are evil to people. But I think they are beautiful and best of all, the require NO care. Because my neighbor behind me is such a bitch about weeds (last year she turned me in for having weeds over 12 inches)I have just let the back of my yard grow, because this year I will just pay the fucking ticket and tell them to eat shit instead of cutting the weeds down. That should piss her off. Anyway, so I have let it grow back there and I have all sorts of flowering weeds...and, a big green dense barrier between me and my neighbors. And I don't have to water it, I don't have to weed it, I don't have to do shit. And it is rather pretty. I have often thought about creating a lawn and gardens entirely from weeds. I think I should definitely do that. My lawn would be crabgrass, in the spots that are shade I will grow clover. My flower beds will have wild pholx, tiger lilies, Queen Annes lace, dandelions...and whatever other weed I can find. I think it is hilarious because when I was a kid things like tiger lilies and black eyed susans were basically weeds. I mean, you called them wildflowers, but they were not something you bought at the nursery. Now they are the "hot" thing to buy.

I've become a wedding genius. I had a couple things that I couldn't figure out. One was wedding favors, I think those are so stupid anyway, but I kind of felt as though I needed to do something. Another was the glass issue. I can't handle plastic wine glasses, it is the inner snob in me, I hate them, I think they take away from the wine experience. AND...plastic is just a landfill filler. AND...I can't handle paying to rent glasses when I can just buy them...but if I bought them I would have to buy a lot because people would lose their glasses and get a new one and then we would have to wash them all and be left with a hundred wine glasses (though that can't be bad since I break at least one glass a week and have been doing so for most of my life). So I solved both things. I went and bought forty eight wine glasses, for eighty cents a piece, and some glass paint and now I am in the process of decorating each glass with names and other frilly/cute things. So, now the guests will have a party favor to take home, they will not lose their glass, and we won't have to wash them. I am a genius.

Now I go to work. I pushed snooze on four alarm clocks this morning for two hours. I had every intention of getting up at 4 and doing two hours of house work and stuff before going to work...but I just kept hitting snooze, on four alarm clocks. Crazy.

Still can't find a wedding dress. I almost bought one on line yesterday, but then I got all nervous about it. Especially because it was strapless and I had this feeling that my small chest would not fill it out properly and it would fall down through the whole wedding. But I maybe should buy it anyway and put straps on it...because it was exactly what I was looking for, not poofy, not bridal looking, but white and sparkley...but I wanted straps. AND, it was only $49. We shall see.


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