2004-07-16 - 7:26 p.m.

Sure, I get angry. I get really, really angry...but usually when I get angry I shut up. My show of anger has always been the shut up. Sure, when I get home I might kick the shit out of shelves or cupboards, but no one sees me vent anger.

Until today. Today I let the cooks have it. And everyone was completely silent, they didn't even know how to respond...but I did notice a surprised smirk on my friend Kathy's face.

And GOD did it feel good. Fucking control freak fucking stupid fucking cooks. The situation was TOTALLY ridiculous. TOTALLY. Just keep in mind sometime when your food is taking forever that it might not be your servers fault, it might be the fucking stupid ass control freak fucker cooks fucking with said server. Because they are fuckers.


I have been packing, storing, throwing away for the last three days. It's amazing really, I have twenty or so boxes in storage already, I have thrown away a ridiculous amount of things that I haven't used, will not use and probably couldn't find anyone else to use and now what I have left is a house that is completely trashed and one box of "stuff" that I cannot live without that I am taking to Spain and about ten suitcases worth of clothes that I think I can't live without and two suitcases of shoes I think I cannot live without. Plus, my furniture and other things (like a toaster and a DVD player) that I will need while I am here still living. But I have edited a fair amount out. That is good.

Now watch...we won't go to Spain.

Kitties have been scheduled for their vaccinations...marriage license has been got, wedding plans, though changed, are coming along nicely, best friend is flying in from Iowa for the event (!), Eric arrives on Wednesday, I bought my gold wedding band, all sorts of things are done...all I need is a wedding dress and time. Then I will be ready for the events of the next couple months.

Let me tell you how funny it was getting that license yesterday. Neither Eric nor I have a father listed on our birth certificates. So in the space they have for father I just drew a line, on both our columns. The woman says, "you have to put your fathers name in here." I say, "we don't know who our fathers are." She says, "what do you mean?" I say, "we are bastards." She says, "I don't know what to do with that." I love throwing the word bastard out in situations like that. When I went to get my birth certificate a couple years ago I found out that they don't keep children of single mothers birth certificates on file in the county, you have to send away for it. I said really loud, "Are you telling me that just because I am a BASTARD I can't get my birth certificate like a normal person?"

After Kathy and I went to get the license we went to Just Good Foods for lunch. FANTASTIC PLACE. If you live in Kalamazoo you HAVE to go there for lunch. I am in LOVE.

Oh...and when Kathy and I walked into the administration office one of the clerks yelled, "oh my god, it's the breakfast waitresses!" I looked up in horror and held my shirt to my nose and gasped, "oh my god, can she smell us?" (because the restaurant, like all restaurants, has a very discernable odor.) Turns out she is a regular (though neither of us had ever seen her)...I felt like a celebrity for some reason. The breakfast waitress.

I am avoiding things right now. Must get off line.


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