2004-07-07 - 8:38 p.m.

So here is the genius phone company for you….I switched my phone service about a month and a half ago because this certain phone company had a deal with Northwest and I could get 1,000 miles a month for using the service. And I got 5,000 miles for signing up. That is great. Anyway, because I call France more than I call even my mother, I had to get the INTERNATIONAL PLAN. Now, when someone gets an international plan the assumption would be that they are going to call international, right? Well, apparently the fact that I pay $6.95 a month for this feature doesn’t mean anything to them because since I have been with this phone company I have been called three times to verify that I am indeed authorizing calls to France and I have received two letters telling me to call the high toll department as soon as possible to avoid interruption on my line because there was “suspicious activity” on my line. So I called the first time, which was actually the fourth time I had talked to the high toll department, I got the letter. But the second time I got the letter I ignored it because I was sure that they understood from my previous four calls that I WAS INDEED CALLING INTERNATIONAL. So today I go to call Eric and I can’t get through because my long distance service had been cut off. So I call and the woman tells me that they do that as a precaution, because I hadn’t called after receiving the letter and there was a call to (gasp!) GERMANY on June 14th which they were concerned about. I tell her, once again, that I have AN INTERNATIONAL CALLING PLAN…WHY WOULD I HAVE THAT IF I WASN’T CALLING INTERNATIONAL NUMBERS???? She tells me that it is just a precaution, that when they get new customers they call whenever there is a call made to a place that isn’t normal and they are still setting up a “pattern” for me since I am new customer. It had been noted that I call France, but not Germany. Anyway…after all that, I told her to put me down for all of Western Europe, as well as the UK and Africa while you are at it, because you just never know. BUT…and here is the kicker…since they had shut off my long distance service, “as a precaution”, it couldn’t be turned back on automatically and I would have to wait to be able to make calls for UP TO TWENTY FOUR HOURS. This is ridiculous. If I weren’t moving soon I would switch back to my other company who didn’t give a crap if I called the moon as long as they got their money for that call. I did indeed appreciate the first time they called to make sure it was okay to call France (even though my calling France is only 3 cents more than my calling Iowa), but I do not appreciate the other four times that I had to call these people to tell them it was okay.

That’s a long entry about the phone company.

I was supposed to be writing about my independence.

My youngest brother and I went to see King Arthur today. I couldn’t really tell you if it was a good movie or not because I think my opinion is null and void since I just basically love anything about King Arthur. (with the exception of the movie Excaliber, which was the worst movie I have EVER seen.) But Gwen was portrayed in a really, really awesome way in this movie. It was kind of difficult for me at first to get the idea out of my head that she was a spoiled, blond princess type with no brain. But I quickly got used to the idea. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that my youngest brother is NOT an annoying popcorn eater. He was a very pleasant movie date. He didn’t make obnoxious noises with his food as most others are like to do.

I also got a really good compliment from a guy I used to work with. I ran into him at Menards. I told him I was getting married in a few weeks and he said, “Holy shit! Tell your husband to be congrats, he obtained the unobtainable!” Why I think it is a compliment that someone thinks me unobtainable I don’t know…but I did.

And also, I saw this guy at Barnes and Noble who kind of creeps me out. He creeps me out because I rarely see people I know out and about, and I have lived here all my life. But I ALWAYS run into this guy EVERYWHERE. Even last week when I went downtown to gaze at my ring I saw him in my rear view mirror crossing the street behind me. I’ve been running into this guy for ten years now. He used to come to Wayside, which was the first bar I worked in at the ripe age of 19. Then he came to Cork and Cleaver where I worked from the age of 21 until I was 25…then he came to the Kitchen where I have been since I was 23. He didn’t come to those places because I was there, he just happened to go to those places and I happened to work there. I just get really freaked out that I always see him, wherever I am. And he is really nice, shy and quiet but always says a couple sentences to me, but there is just something that really creeps me out about it. Mostly because I just don’t think it is possible to see someone EVERYWHERE. I mean, no one can have the EXACT same habits as I do, can they? No one can be going the EXACT places I am, can they?

I am going to bed now.

Oh….and believe it or not, the animal rescue actually called me back. I can’t believe it! No one EVER calls me back. But they are going to work on finding a spot to place the kittens and the mother. This is the best thing for this cat. I wish I could tame her, so someone could at least touch her, but I am failing. I just want to make sure that the kittens have a fair chance at least. I don’t have much hope for her, but at least her babies can find a good home. I plan to dedicate a lot of my time in Spain to figuring out how to get this cat thing under control in the U.S. I know that there is going to be a period when it isn’t so pretty, like gathering all stray cats and fixing them and requiring people to license their cats or they will be taken to the shelter…but it has to end. All this senseless procreation of stray, uncared for, unfed cats has to end. It makes me sick to think about.


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