2004-07-06 - 7:33 p.m.

Had to take the day off today because I was getting evil again. Almost had to put my foot through a woman's teeth yesterday...thought taking two days off (the one I gave up and the one I was scheduled for) would be a good idea. Stupid fucking woman, her little Atkins induced hysteria fit (because we didn't have the "right kind soup for her diet" and "WHERE IS MY LETTUCE? THE MENU SAYS THIS COMES WITH LETTUCE!") cost me $100+ dollars. Bitch.

I can't believe I can say this...but I think this wedding thing is planned and I think I have everything in order. All I have left to do is call restaurants and make reservations(I am going to do something evil and make reservations at five restaurants and then when we get there on Friday and check them all out I will cancel the four I don't want)and get the marriage license. This is the plan. Eric and I will go to Leelanau on Thursday night. Friday we will spend all day scouting out cool spots to get married (though we may not have much of a choice since I had to get a permit to get married in a National Park and they have to know WHERE you are getting married before they will issue it) and scouting restaurants and basically just spending time in Leelanau. I plan to spend some time on the beach, in the lake, in the pool at the hotel, in the BIG WHIRLPOOL BATHTUB at the hotel (my favorite moment from last summer was sitting in a BIG WHIRLPOOL BATHTUB in a hotel with lots of bubbles and my darling boy watching me with an amused smirk as I disappeared under the bubbles)and just being a cozy, almost newly wed couple with my cake. Saturday, I plan to do basically the same, relax on the beach and stuff. Then around three I will start making myself beautiful. Our newly ordained reverend and his wife should be arriving around that time, and our best man and maid of honor. And my mama, if she really thinks this is worth it to come to. Then we will set off to the dunes, get to our spot, let the reverend do the ceremony and then go to dinner. Drinks later and into the night to celebrate and the next morning darling husband of mine and I depart for a destination further north where our favorite restaurant in the world is located. We will have wine on the porch of the bed and breakfast and then get ready for dinner. Dinner will be spectacular...seriously, this restaurant is SOMETHING. It is in the middle of no where, but it is FANTASTIC. The chef has won all sorts of awards and they have a very very good and exciting wine list. But what really gets me is the bread and the desserts. The woman that is the head pastry chef makes them all. She has a bread oven from France and her bread is the only bread I have had in the states that rivals French bread. But the is layers and layers of flavors. You put a dot of dessert on your tongue and you can seriously sit there for a minute like that and have numerous flavors drift through your mouth. It's incredible. So I am REALLY excited to go. And we get to go twice this year. Once for our honeymoon and once in August or September because Eric's aunt and uncle really want to go.

I am so excited to be this person's wife. I never in a million years thought I would say that. But I am, I am so excited.

Tried to mow my lawn tonight and on row four a HUGE thunderstorm broke out of no where. I got TOTALLY freaked out because I have an electric mower and it got wet, I thought for sure I was going to get zapped.

I need to find something to do right now.

I am suddenly very bored just typing.

So bye.


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