2004-06-21 - 8:37 p.m.

So far everything is going according to plan for my day off. I watched two movies today, had nachos and Phish Food and a glass of wine and now I am going to take a bath and go to bed. IT BETTER BE SUNNY AND COOL TOMORROW. A nice rain would be nice too, maybe one at 9 am and one at 6 pm.

Mother still isn't speaking to me. This is insane. Really insane.

Lots of new girls at work, my boss is actually, for once, preparing for something in advance. It's kind of sad to be training the people that might be filling my position in a couple months. But not really, I can't wait to get the hell out of there. The people I work with are like my family, we have all been together for ten years or so...but I am about ready to kill almost every single regular customer we have. It is always the regulars. It was the same thing at my last job, I used to repeat under my breath, "you people are sucking my soul," to the regulars. Now it is the same thing. I feel like they are slowly killing me. Hate them.

Going to bed.


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