2004-06-17 - 5:17 a.m.

It's so strange that two and a half weeks ago I was preparing for Eric to arrive here...thinking that I had a little more than a week to spend with him in the usual crazy tornado that time with him is. I had NO idea that when he left two and a half weeks later that I would be engaged and preparing to move to Spain. It is so strange to me that one day can be completely normal and the next day can be so completely different.

It's been a really interesting two and a half weeks. REALLY interesting.

And I am just wondering...if you see someone you know, family, at the store at the end of your road while you are buying it proper to say to them, "Hey, why don't you stop over for a second and have a beer with us?" without first calling that persons significant other to invite them? Let's say it is your mothers boyfriend, should you call your mother and invite her over too, even if it is for a "quick" beer? Should one even have to invite a mother over? Does NOT calling the persons signigicant other yourself (because the other person called her to tell her where he was going for a "quick beer") make you a traitor sell out?


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