2004-06-03 - 6:22 p.m.

Not a lot of time to laptop is broken and I am using my ten year old PC right now to pay some bills and check e-mail. Ten year old PC is SUPER SLOW and SUPER ANNOYING...

Boy is here. I am no longer calling him myt boyfriend...and I will not call him my fiance, or my husband...because all those words annoy the piss out of me. So he is now my cake...everyone, this is my cake, Eric, and I am going to eat him too.

VERY interesting things happening in my life. It seems that I very well may be moving to Spain. Spain. Yes. Spain. I am TOTALLY weirded out by this and am pretty certain that nothing has hit my brain yet...because really, it isn't as though someone just said..."hmmm..maybe we can move to Spain someday." Someone ACTUALLY said, "Honey, we have to go to Toledo next week to negotiate things."

WE have to go to Toledo to NEGOTIATE things. As in, we have to negotiate moving my ass and my KITTIES to SPAIN. SPAIN. What happened to France? They want to move my cake to Spain because he can't legally stay in France for more than five years and five years is up pretty soon. So now...SPAIN is on the negotiating table. Which means that I can ask for kitties to be shipped in a manner that is much better than cargo...I can ask for language training...I can ask for ALL of my shoes to be shipped.

There is only ONE problem. I think I need to leave two cats behind. Because here I let them out for a few hours a day and two of my cats would freak out if they couldn't go out. They even go out when there is five feet of snow. In Spain they would not be able to go out. It would be mean and selfish for me to take them with me. But how can I ever let them go to someone else? Is there anyone out there that I would trust? I don't think so. And then there is Lucy...she is 23 or so...I cannot take her with me because she cannot have shots...they would kill her. WHO IS GOING TO TAKE HER?????

Anyway...I am totally freaked out...totally excited and totally relieved that I will finally be able to have a normal relationship...


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