2004-05-23 - 8:10 p.m.

Funny thing.

You know how they say things go in a seven year cycle?

Well, for the last seven years my luck has been BAD. I mean, BAD. I used to be the girl that could and would win 10 consecutive cake walks in a row and would have to make her father haul a full truck of cakes and bread home.

I used to be the girl that would enter a football pool and would win three of four quarters.

Seven years ago I started working at the Colonial Kitchen. And, my boss being a compulsive gambler always has some sort of pool going on. AND I HAVE ALWAYS ENTERED. Because I found it hard to believe that I would lose. But I did, for seven years.

In the last three days I have won $80. $60 of that from scratch off lottery tickets, $20 from the omelet pool we had today. For lack of anything better to bet on, my boss started the omelet pool this morning. Guess how many omelets we sell today...I guessed 182. We sold 184. I won. I haven't won ANY pool there in seven years.

I think things are starting to finally move along.

This is good.


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