2004-05-19 - 7:11 p.m.


You go to the gas station and you buy a pack of gum for $1.00, you buy a bottle of water for $1.50....but you TOTALLY FREAK out when gas is $2.00 a gallon.

Gas, my friends, is NOT a renewable resource. You are paying more per volume for the stupid Pepsi tap water you fork over hard earned money for and (if things don't get more fucked up)...water, at this moment, is more than plentiful in this country. GAS ISN'T. Hell yeah, we should be paying OUT THE ASS FOR GAS. First, because it isn't renewable and second, because you people need to get a fucking clue. The need for alternative energy is NOW, GAS is NOT our future, GAS is the past. While I totally know that gas prices have "gone through the roof" because Bush needs to pay for his war...I am still applauding it. Gas should have been $2.00 a gallon a LONG time ago. OPEN YOUR EYES. Unfortunately this is the only thing that will make anyone open even a portion of an eye. Raise a price and suddenly everyone looks around.

Anyway. I had a total spaz attack at the gas station today. I returned my rental car and when the girl was checking it she reminded me that it needed a full tank (which I had forgotten about because I was rushing there on a moments notice so my mom could go for a walk)so I hurried to the gas station and hastily filled, or so I thought, the tank. As I was driving back to the place I noticed the tank wasn't full, that the stupid pump thing had just clicked off, for no reason, like it does when your tank is full. So I had to go to another gas station(because it was impossible to turn around and go back to the one I had just left) and when I pulled in I was instantly stuck in a traffic jam of honking, belligerent people. Like fifty cars lined up for six pumps. Seriously. I was totally stuck. Turns out, this gas station was offering gas TEN CENTS CHEAPER than the other gas station. TEN CENTS. I was really pissed because I couldn't back up, I couldn't go forward, I couldn't do anything but sit there and watch these stupid morons pumping gas happily like they were getting away with something. For some reason I started to cry. Yes, that is right. I cried. I cried and screamed. And then I yelled out the windows, "What the fuck is wrong with you people, you are going to save a fucking dollar for christs sake, A DOLLAR!" And thankfully at that moment a spot opened up and was able to make my exit rather quickly. But really. This has gotten out of control. No one can talk about anything but the gas prices. Someone actually said today, "Well, I'd really like to get the steak and eggs, but with the gas prices...." UGH.

And here I am, talking about the gas prices.


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