2004-05-15 - 5:26 p.m.

I just returned from my walk. There is this house along the way on my walk that I am in love with. Okay, maybe I'm not in love with the house, I am in love with the people that own the house. Mind you, it is a pretty house, just not my style and it isn't in a location where I would want to live. But the people...they must be something. Their gardens, I say this plural because they have way more garden than they do yard, are beautiful. Not the traditional flowers and neatly manicured shit. It's just beautiful. Big, smelly flowers in every color planted all over the place. And they always have something fun on their porch...sleds, beach balls, bikes...they must always be out having fun. And best of all, in their upstairs window they have this huge cut out green alien face. No frilly curtains, just this totally out of place alient face that you would only see if you were looking up two stories and into the trees. It's lovely. Anyway, I get this terrible urge to climb into their pine trees every time I walk by. I have to seriously force myself to keep walking. When I was a kid, when I needed to get away I would walk down our driveway (it was long) and climb into pine trees. It is the most comforting thing I know of. And these people, who I love without knowing them, have beautiful, soft pines where I could feel safe, comforted and loved.

I want to get into those trees. Right now.

My last thing for the day...sent to me from my darling boyfriend who must have known that I would adore this website...It's like I wrote this or something.


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