2004-05-13 - 3:28 p.m.

Last night I went to see George Carlin with my mother's boyfriend and his son. George was mighty serious last night. George wasn't a bit funny. George had us all kind of squirming in our seats, it was uncomfortable. His act ranged from suicide to of course, the state of the world. He was very, very obviously pissed off. I appreciated that.

What I did not appreciate was the fact that apparently after being home from France for one week my alcohol tolerance went from pretty good to downright horrible. I had two beers at the show, okay so one of them was 32 ounces, and then a small beer after the show. And I was drunk. It might have had something to do with the fact that I had only had two vegetarian sausage patties to eat all day and that I hardly drank any water...but I was drunk. And when I woke up this morning I had a hangover. I have not had a hangover in years. I just spent most of the day in bed except for a brief moment when I got up and pretended I was going to be okay and made coffee and e-mailed my boyfriend and ate peanut butter toast. Then I went back to bed.

And I want to go back to bed now except I can't because I have to pick up a rental car in a couple hours. So I can get to work. So I can find a new car. So I can live.

I can't wait until it is one year from now. I will know what is going on a year from now.

I had a dream this afternoon that I was getting married to someone I wasn't supposed to get married to. I was running away with someone against the wishes of my family. As I was leaving a sister threw a bundle of white things wrapped in a paper bag at me. And suddenly I was a guppy and was in a big, deep lake and the bundle sank to the bottom and I couldn't see it to swim to it and I thought to myself,"It's okay, when this lake dries up in 100 years I will still be alive and I will get that bundle then." It was very strange.


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