2004-04-20 - 8:47 a.m.

So, come to find out there is a wine region in Italy bearing my last name. It is interesting what is said about this region, about the wine produced in this region. I could only hope to be half of what is said about the region from which my blood must come.

"Legends are made in places like this, where fact and fable mix together. Following the Via Cassia from whatever starting point even the most unlettered or insouciant traveller cannot help but feel he's arrived in some enchanted landscape, such as he might even unconsciously have half been looking for or dreaming of, a destination that has some aspect of the half familiar past about it...

...The entwined branches of vines and olive trees on the estate are a concrete reality as well as a symbolic embrace. Here it is a pleasure to be alive...

...P------i(the name of the region, wine and my family, which is why I am not typing it because I desperately try to avoid stalkers and the like)seems to embody the whole sensory spectrum offered by the Oracia Valley. Elegance is all; together with a "fruits of the forest" bouquet and good body...

...a deep ruby red color and unmistakeable violet reflections. Elegant and complex nose, with strong hints of red fruit, cherries, plums and in particular, harmonised with floral hints of violets and spicy hints of black pepper and vanilla. Full bodied and long on the palate, with an unexpected refreshing acidity that gives a good backbone to soft, ripe and well-knit tannins..."

Ah...I must be perfect.


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