2004-03-17 - 10:22 a.m.

What I am wondering is who the hell is the "Georg" guy that seems to sign all guestbooks, including mine, that I come across? It's always the same thing, "greetz from Vienna/Austria,stay creative, great site..." He's freaking me out.


So, I have told you that I have a howling, in heat cat in my basement that I cannot catch to let out. And if I could catch her to let her out I wouldn't because then she would get impregnated and I would end up with kittens because I know she would sneak back in here, like she did in the first place, to have her kittens. So, my only choice right now is to let her stay, howling, in the basement. My plan was to catch her and get her fixed. BUT...if I somehow do manage to catch her, I can't afford to get her fixed. First of all I have a month away from work coming up and second of all, I have my own six cats that need things and any money I spend on feline things should be for them. So yesterday I started looking into programs for low income people to get low cost services for their animals. What I found out was that the Kalamazoo Humane Society does WEEKLY programs for low income people to get their animals fixed. WEEKLY. It costs five dollars, FIVE DOLLARS to get a male fixed, ten for a female. What I am wondering is one, WHY ARE THERE ANY ANIMALS THAT ARE NOT FIXED WITH THAT SORT OF PROGRAM GOING ON? And two, if the Humane Society actually wants to make a difference why don't they make this information more available. Why don't they have flyers all over the place? I had to search and search for this information. So, I started a flyer for them. I am going to post it ALL OVER. Because this whole thing is ridiculous. All these cats. The thing is that I don't think most people intend for their cat thing to get out of control. Take my neighbors for instance. They actually took pretty good care of their cats years ago, when there were only a couple. But then those couple of cats started having kittens and it got out of control and now all their cats are half fed, scabby from fleas and wandering about in freezing temps. Had they gotten their cats fixed there wouldn't be this problem and they would still be taking good care of their animals. But they probably don't know about this low cost thing. I am going to tell them about it. And if she doesn't take this cat in my basement in to get her fixed (this cat belongs to her) than I will. Along with the others. I will actually give her the money to do so.

In other feet are cold. They have been getting so cold lately that I have to soak them in hot water when I get to work because they are numb. I don't know what is going on. Even if I wear socks and slippers my feet get so cold that they turn rigid. It's weird. So because of that I am actually looking forward to winter ending. But only because of that. I found myself in panic mode the other day thinking about winter ending. I love the quiet peace of winter and I feel a little cheated this year because there just weren't enough snow covered days. A lot of cold days, but not enough snow covered days. I like it when it is kind of warm cold, like 30 degrees and big flakes of snow fall. It makes life feel like it is being lived within a snow globe. I don't particularly like very cold days when the snow flakes are small and hard and the wind blows them in piercing gales. I like soft, quiet snow.


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