2004-02-02 - 5:36 p.m.

So, my town has cops that are more than happy to stop by to remind me that my plates are expired, but apparently my town is not protected at night by any sort of near by law enforcement.

Conversation this morning at 4 am after listening to a dog barking in hysterics for an hour. It wasn't normal "there is a cat in my line of vision" barking, it was a "there is something very wrong" sort of barking. So I finally dialed the police. At the first number I called I got an answering machine for the police station. The second number I called a woman answered,


"I am calling because there has been a dog barking in my neighborhood for an hour and he sounds like there is something very wrong and was wondering if you could send someone by to check it out."

"We don't have anyone on duty right now, you could call back in a couple hours or call animal control when they open at eight."

"I'm not calling to complain about the dog making noise, I am calling because there is obviously something wrong."

"Can you see anything weird going on?"

"It's four am and there is a dog going nuts, I am not going outside, that is why I am calling you."

"If you SEE something, an emergency, you can call 911."

"But if I suspect an emergency I am pretty much out of luck?"

"You can call back in a couple hours and we can send someone out then."

And she hung up.

I feel totally unprotected. So much for feeling some sense of solace sleeping with my phone next to my bed.

I thought I lived in a small town so I could feel safe.


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