2004-01-25 - 6:53 a.m.

So this girl that I have been working with for the past nine years, and who has been a pain in my ass for the last nine years, finally left the restaurant business a couple months ago to embark on a ďrealĒ career path. I was very pivotal in her leaving, in her finding this wonderful, perfect for her job. Because I couldnít stand her any more. So I pushed her, I helped her, I got her out of there and out of my hair. I could write volumes about this girl, but I will just leave it at this. I donít like her being around, she grates my nerves and she tests my patience. But I do like her, as long as I am not expecting her to be decent, or human for that matter. She is a lot of fun, she is quick witted and she is bluntly honest about everything. Which is part of the problem with her while being an asset. She will tell you very blatently that she is out for herself and that is that. Another thing about her is that she is fun, really fun. Which is another problem as well as an asset. She comes in to work reeking like bar, almost daily and she will take inconvenient days off work in order to party. So yesterday when my boss said that she was looking for shifts I knew she got fired, and probably because of alcohol, (because from what I had heard from people high up in that company she was working for is that she was doing brilliantly, the best, she had already been promoted three times since starting a few months ago and the only thing I can imagine her getting fired for is drinking.)my good day was instantly turned into a bad day. I can only take so much of her. Itís cool to work with her once a week, but not full time which is what she wants (and will get because she gets everything she wants). So today she comes back.

And I donít want to go to work.

At all.


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