2004-01-18 - 8:44 p.m.

Mother hell....that entry wasn't supposed to be posted yet. Crap. Shit. Fuck.

I suggest that everyone, before making any sort of assumption about anything, take a good, detailed look around first. For instance, today when I asked what this table wanted to drink this little kid piped up and said, "CHOCOLATE MILK!" And the mother shook her head and said, "No, you can't have chocolate milk, (at this point I am thinking she is one of those "good" mothers who like to keep their kids healthy...but she continued...)how about some Pepsi?" And I just stared. I went in the back thinking this was the worst mother in the world, telling her kid he couldn't have something that was half way decent for him, but he COULD have cola. But when I took their order she made sure to ask whether our pancakes had milk in the batter because her son was extremely allergic to milk. So why did she tell him to have pop instead of OJ? Probably because he really wanted a treat and she couldn't let him have what he wanted so she just let him have something else that kids consider a treat. I can totally understand that.

Lesson learned.



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