2004-01-13 - 7:03 p.m.

Now I remember why, when the I had briefly entertained the thought, I didn't become a vet. Remember the calico I was talking about yesterday? Turns out she has indeed been there since November. Her owner had brought her in and decided that she didn't want to pay for treatment to fix an infection and told them to put the cat to sleep instead. This cat is beautiful, young, extremely intelligent and playful and some fuckig stupid bitch (I have her name because it was on the tag and I plan to look her up and drive by her house because I am sure she is some frilly, fat, diet of the moment mini van driving, flag waving because it's cool, Mary Kay customer of the month who didn't want her precious carpets soiled by a sick cat) decides to put the pet she chose, and therefor took responsibility for, to sleep. Assholes. But the vet just couldn't do it, so Phoebe sits in her cage, waiting for someone to give her a home and if no one does the vet is taking her home with her in the spring to be a barn cat. Which is sad in itself, though it is better than death, because this cat is so regal, so loving, so BEAUTIFUL. I would never make it as a vet because the first time someone told me to put a perfectly healthy cat to sleep I would rip their eyes out and put THEM to sleep.

Anyway. Lucy is home. She probably won't live for a lot longer, but she will make it for a while. Perhaps years, perhaps weeks, it's too soon to say. I have to give her fluids via a needle under her skin, twice a day until she starts drinking water on her own again. I did it for the first time a half an hour ago and I totally proud of myself for one, not throwing up when I felt the needle slip into the skin, and for two, not totally fucking it up and shooting kitty gatorade all over the place while totally poking holes in my poor, dear cat.

I miss Boy.

I went to my gym today only to find it locked and before I could read the sign to see WHY it was locked I threw a temper tantrum on the sidewalk. I really hope the masses of people that were driving by didn't catch too much of my tantrum. Tomorrow I will go back and calmly read the sign. I don't know what I will do without a gym.

Going to bed now. Yeah, yeah, so it's only seven. I just don't want to do dishes. So bed it is.


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