2004-01-08 - 8:30 p.m.

Since I am just getting around to my usual tradition of pages upon pages of New Years Resolutions (which I always STICK TO BY THE WAY) I decided to also write a list of the 25 things I most appreciate from the year 2003. A way of saying thank you to that stupid year so I can get on to the next.


Thank you 2003 for.

25. Tights in France.

24 .For my months in France with the Boy.

23 .For dinner at Tapawingo and a huge bath in Macinaw City.

22. For being the year I actually submitted something for publication instead of just sitting on it.

21. For taming Demon cat enough so I can get him into the vet to get fixed.

20. For learning how to cook eggplant.

19. For a summer spent reading every single Margaret Atwood book.

18. For falling in total love with someone.

17. For being such a fucking bad year and still letting me survive.

16. For being the year I discovered the benefits of walking.

15. For my ion hairdryer which has made a HUGE difference in my hair.

14. For being the year I turned thirty, itís nice to get that over with.

13. For showing me that change, as undesired as it may be, is good.

12. For learning basic French. I still donít think I know ANY French, but I know A LOT more than I did a year ago.

11. For learning fertility awareness as a form of birth control. I am amazed by my body.

10. For still weighing the same, but being in better shape, as I did when I was in high school.

9. For the discovery of barley as a food staple.

8. For my coffee shop closing down, I am not nearly as caffeinated as I was last year.

7. For my new computer.

6. For my Bedazzler and my pink and purple sneakers.

5. For my ugly vintage coat I bought in August for $5 at the antique store. By far my best expenditure of 2003.

4. For Smudgie cats allergies to be under control and for him to have hair for the first time in five years.

3. For new pillows.

2. For my shoulder not being any worse (or better) than it has been in seven years.

1. For my boyfriend not leaving me because I have nervous breakdowns all the time.

And of course, as an added bonus, because I have my health and my cats (except poor Lucy, see previous entry) are healthy and fat.


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