2003-12-20 - 5:53 a.m.

What I would like for Christmas.

Burt's Bees stuff. Apricot baby oil, buttermilk body lotion, that cool body cream that is extremely greasy and wonderful and some lip balm. I go to the store weekly and always REALLY want to buy some Burt's Bees but then remember I am on a budget.

Someone to build a cat shelter on my back porch so I can stop inviting all the strays to stay the night in my writing room. I want something warm and out of the elements for them.

To win the lottery.

A waffle iron.

A new hair dryer.

Big, warm slippers.

No candy or chocolate, for once.

A spice rack that doesn't just accomodate the spices that were included with it. I want one that someone like me can use, one that fits many different sizes and shapes of spice bottles.

Chrome or stainless steel anything for kitchen, toaster, bread box, coffee maker...whatever.

A new, cool, coffee maker with a timer and automatic shut off.

Someone to fix my electricity so when I leave the coffee maker on with the timer set I won't have to stay awake all night worrying that my house is going to catch fire.

Someone to fix my piano.

Needles that won't be too big to string my beads onto string. I haven't been able to make my bracelets and necklaces for months because every time I am in the mood to do so I find that all my needles are too big and the ones that aren't too big are too small to thread the string into. It's really annoying.

A gift certificate to The Bead Shop.

A massage.

Some really good, hydrating, fine line reducing eye cream. I have tried everything, Lancome, Burt's Bees, Kiss My Face and the stuff my facialist sells, and none of it is REALLY hydrating. And the other stuff that I haven't tried is too expensive for me to try.

An orchid and an orchid care book.

A massage.

New work shoes that look cool and are way comfortable. (good luck with that one.)

My old book store to reopen.

Cheap, white towels.

For Lovey, of Lovey and Dovey (a couple who has been married for 57 years and comes in the restaurant every day and always hold hands) to get out of the hospitol.

For my favorite customer to survive his illness.

For my Fantasy Boyfriend to start taking better care of himself and for him and his wife to work out their relationship and be happier.

Anything BeDazzler related. Especially rhinestones (their settings) and gold studs.

Tools so I can put sparkly stuff on belts.

A drill.

A cover for my vanity lights in the bathroom.

To figure out how I can get to France with my cats and some money.

To find homes for the strays.

Got2b glossy anti frizz shine serum.

For people to stop asking me when I am going to get married. I want people to realize that I AM HAPPY and don't need to get married and that their constant questioning of the whole thing is starting to make me want to NEVER get married just to prove a point. Also, they need to understand that I DON'T EVEN LIVE IN THE SAME COUNTRY AS MY BOYFRIEND and before we think about getting married we should probably figure out how we can be together first.

For Mr. Eller to stop asking, EVERY SINGLE DAY, what kind of cereals we have.

For the woman with fucked up teeth to stop sending her food back and acting all sweet and victimized about it.

My brother to come home or at least for him to move somewhere close-ish so I can visit him easily over a weekend.

For my Dad to snap out of his coma like state of being.

For my mother and her boyfriend to get married.

For my little brother to graduate high school and go to college.

For my cat Bear-Bay to grow back the whiskers on his left side that I accidently cut off while trying to cut off a mat of hair. I am extremely upset about it.

To find some real gold and diamond earrings JUST LIKE the fake gold and diamond earrings that I used to wear before they got all tarnished and chipped.

A gold belly button ring and someone to restretch my piercing. My cat pulled the ring out of my navel a few months ago and I lost the bead so I did what any normal person would do and inserted a regular EARRING into the hole and now the hole is too small to fit a NAVEL ring into. Because I am an idiot.

Pretty yarn.

These mittens at Meijer that are sixteen, unjustifiable dollars but are SO pretty.

For my gym to get their act together and get things repaired so I can have a full workout.

An ab roller.

Yoga DVD's.

A food dehydrater.

A blender.

And finally...

For President Bush NOT to get elected again...go out and VOTE, VOTE for all you are worth and if you are not registered to vote, DO SO NOW. VOTE VOTE VOTE.


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