2003-11-23 - 7:13 a.m.

Dear Girl Next Door,

Right now it is 7:15 in the morning. Two of your cats are perched in their usual spots (yes, I say USUAL because they have been in here for at least four months now and have USUAL spots)in my house. Talker is on the counter and Fishy is in her box. Another one of your cats is skittishly approaching my back porch in search of food and yet another one of your cats, one that just a few weeks ago was also a skittish kitty and would not come around until she was certain I was no where around, is sitting, meowing, between my two doors. She wants to come in. Yes, YOUR cats come to my house, they consider THIS home. WHY? Because I feed them and while I know that I should never have started that, I cannot very well just let cats starve. Even if I know they have a home. You obviously NEVER feed them because when they get to the food dish here they eat for hours and they were (until I started feeding them regularly) skinny, scrawny and shitty looking. Now they are all beautiful. I think you should also know that for the last two years I have been treating Fishy and Talker with flea stuff. You are pissing me off. Mostly because you make me sad every day because I don't know what to do about these cats. And also because I am not totally attached to Fishy and she is the only reason I can't say anything to you, because I don't want to give her up. I am totally pissed at you. You suck. You really suck and you are making my life not so good and I hate you for that. I especially hate you because you can't and won't take care of your cats which number many and yet you showed up a couple months ago with a baby Rottweiller who you call, "Baby Girl." If you can't take care of your cats DO NOT GET A FUCKING DOG TOO YOU STUPID STUPID GIRL.



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