2003-11-01 - 5:48 a.m.

My options for Halloween? Anything as long as it doesn't involve opening my door a thousand times to pass a piece of candy to some disguised child. Yesterday I decided that I would go home after work, get my hair cut, change clothes and go away. Go to the bookstore, Target, return my movies, make a bank deposit...bit of course, nothing is turning out the way I want it to lately. I am seriously behind on life from not having a car for three weeks. So I started out well, I actually stayed and closed at work, which was my plan, so I could make some extra money. I picked up my skin care products and then took a different way home so I could look at fall fields (my favorite vision is fields in drizzly fall weather, after they have been plowed under for the winter). On the way along those twisting country roads my battery light comes on, then my oil light. Unbelievable. So I get home and on my answering machine is the girl that cuts my hair saying she has had an emergency and would be leaving for the day. Which means I cannot get my hair cut before I leave, which really upsets me because I have been very good about getting my hair cut every five weeks because I want it to grow. So, instead of stopping at the repair shop on my way back into town, I go right then. I knew I was the last person they wanted to see, but I had no choice. I can't very well just ignore the two lights on my dashboard just to preserve their nerves. So the mechanic fiddles under my hood a little. Makes some adjustments to the idle, torques something or another...whatever. I drive home and the lights are still on. I am now ignoring them. I get in the shower to wash my stupid, restaurant smelling hair before going out and spend half an hour laying on the floor of the shower with the water turned to scorch while I think about dying in plane crash tomorrow. Then, I get out of shower and decide I just can't dry my hair. And I hear kids starting to mill around outside. I hear an intermittent, "Trick or Treat," and I decide to put on my pajamas, turn off all lights and go to bed. At five.

Which is what I did. And now I am going to have to run around like a mad woman after work today trying to get everything done that I intended to do yesterday.

I am an idiot.


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