2003-10-30 - 6:58 p.m.

So. I got my car back. Finally. It's been a long twenty odd days.

It seems that the reason they couldn't get the car to start after they finished putting it back together had to do with some wiring my ex boyfriend did when he installed my stereo a number of years ago. While this little detail has caused me, and the poor mechanics who have been trying to figure out which wire out of the million or so wires in my car was not connecting, enough stress to make me physically ill, it is also very vindicating for me.

I believed for so long that he was the only human being on earth that could do absolutely anything and do anything perfectly.

Only to find out that his ability to install car stereos and CD changers is anything but perfect. Which is funny because that particular project was one he was overly proud and boastful about.

I feel very calm.

And, by the way, I am very grateful to my mother for her wise words, for her driving me to and fro, for lending me her car and for not killing me on the highway before dawn.


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