2003-08-22 - 10:14 p.m.

Apparently I am the most recognizable person I know. I seriously can be walking through a parking lot and have someone, who I haven't seen in like fifteen years and who I didn't even know that well to begin with start calling my name from eight cars away and not have any idea who THEY are while they are telling all about their life and asking me about mine. It isn't like this has only happened once and I know it isn't because I have bad memory because anyone that knows me will tell you that I have a VERY GOOD memory.

Anyway. I am kind of freaked out by this occurance.

And I am very tired right now. I have not had a day off in over two weeks. Not one. And I can't wait to wake in a panic tomorrow at 4 am thinking I am late for work. That is just going to make me SO FREAKIN HAPPY. Happy because tomorrow, lovely lovely tomorrow, is my first day off in over two weeks and I will be able to go back to bed. MMMM. Delicious.


Boy will be here in four days and twenty two hours. But I'm not counting.


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