2003-05-23 - 7:04 p.m.

Since the purchase of my laptop a few months ago I now have the freedom to type wherever I chose. I carry the thing from room to room with me, to the deck, in my car…wherever. Except I never take it into the room that was once called COMPUTER ROOM. Since I bought this machine I have barely stepped into the room which is not only my favorite room, but the room designated for such things. Which leaves me with a spare room, unused.

I am considering getting a roommate.

I know, I know….I can’t have a roommate. I have lived alone for almost a decade now (with the exception of the couple months my brother lived here while in midst of his transitory escape). There are certain aspects of my personality which make it nearly impossible for me to live with someone as a roommate without losing my mind. Such as my huge dislike of all noise that doesn’t have to do with music or nature. And, I really, really like to be alone.

But I have that room. Just kind of sitting there.

And it would be really nice to have someone to pay me money every month. Especially since my house payment has recently been decreased to barely nothing thanks to the new interest rates. I could almost live for free if I had a roommate paying me rent.

And living for free would allow me to save a ton of money so I can get to France faster and more often to be with my boyfriend.

And if someone else lived here I wouldn’t have to worry about my cats while I was gone.

I’m certain I cannot live with a girl though. Unless she were just like me, or at least willing to put up with me and refrain from talking like a girl.

So. I am thinking about asking my friend Matt, who recently left his job across the state and because he couldn’t find another job, or an apartment, ended up moving back to this area and into his parents basement, if he wants to move in here. Matt and I have been friends since third grade. Matt and I have never, not once, been in a fight. Matt and I understand one another better than anyone else has understood one another. And my cats like Matt. And…Matt and I are famous for developing crazy ideas for things that could realistically make us very successful in life. But we never have an extended amount of time in which to nurture those ideas. I imagine evenings sitting outside drinking Newcastle and making our inventions into a reality. The only problem is that Matt isn’t exactly stable when it comes to employment. He’s a genius, a real live eccentric genius who doesn’t really have a work ethic so it is possible that my idea of living for free would backfire on me and I would end up paying for two of us to live. And he is a really bad driver and his car is rarely in road operational condition. Which would also mean that I might likely end up becoming a chauffer as well as having to bring home the proverbial bacon.

What would be really ideal would be for my brother to move his ass back home and live with me. That would be perfection.

What would be even more ideal would be for my boyfriend’s contract in France to finally be up so I wouldn’t have to think about this at all.


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