2002-05-16 - 5:05 p.m.

Me + PMS + no food in the house = interesting.

A few months ago I looked at my brother with a kind of curious disgust as he wolfed down a spaghetti taco. He had made spaghetti, put sauce on it then stuffed it in a taco shell with sour cream and taco sauce. He said it was great. I couldnít bring myself to try it, but after all my experiments with food today, I think I would try it now.

If you would have peeked in my window earlier you would have found me sitting on my couch, reading while eating uncooked egg noodles out of the bag like potato chips. After finishing off the bag I decided I needed something more substantial so I wandered to the refrigerator and peered in only to find that I had nothing. So I went to the cupboard and again found nothing so I wandered back to the refrigerator hoping that someone had miraculously gone grocery shopping while I was at the cupboard. But they hadnít so I continued wandering between the cupboard and the refrigerator gathering what few things I actually had. My lunch turned out to be a pseudo veggie burger made from mashed kidney beans, uncooked oatmeal and various herbs and spices. I grilled it and topped it with honey mustard dressing. It was actually quite good.

Ten minutes later I was hungry again so I wandered back to the kitchen and started collecting things again. This time I ended up making apples tortillas. I simply took a flour tortilla, melted cheddar cheese on it and then spread a little sour cream on top and then layered thinly sliced apples ion top of it all and added a dash of salt. It was superb. In fact, I think it might be my new favorite food.

Iím getting a little worried right now because I am having a sugar craving and the only things to eat left in my house are condensed milk, peanut butter and a bag of brown sugar. Iíll let you know how it turns out.


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