2002-04-21 - 7:25 p.m.

Boy oh boy was I sick of looking at my last depressing entry. Usually when I am depressed no one can tell because I am really really good at covering it up. I try so hard to act NOT DEPRESSED that people think I am in an unusually good mood.

There are two sure signs that I am severely depressed which only a few people have ever picked up on. One is that when asked how I am doing I will reply, "I'm fine," in a very clipped manner. And two is that I will break out in dance periodically throughout the day trying to trick myself into being happy. I did a lot of dancing this past week and since I am trying to learn French I reply to the question about my well being, "Oh, pas mal." (Not bad)in a clipped manner. And I've kicked the crap out of a lot of things this week as well. I'm getting happier now because it is cold outside again. I just wasn't quite ready for summer yet.

Besides being depressed and pretty blah all week a lot of things have gotten accomplished and a lot of things have happened that are diary worthy.

I completely finished three rooms in my house, ceiling, walls, floors and windows and tomorrow I start tackling the last five. I have found that it is not a good idea for me to accept advice on home renovation from anyone any more. I had peeling paint on my kitchen ceiling and I asked someone how to fix it, they told me to peel off the rest of the peeling paint and then to lightly cover the seams with joint compound and then sand and paint. WELLL....that turned into an ordeal because MOST of the paint came off as I started peeling it, except in a few spaces where it seemed basically glued with super glue. So I had a lot of patching to do. And then a lot of sanding which I just couldn't do. So I decided to go the textured ceiling route. Someone told me to buy this paint stuff that makes the ceiling textured. So I did, the guy at the store made sure I had the implements I would need and I set to work. GLobs and globs of this paint crap just fell off the ceiling. Finally I gave up on the rollers and the trowels and just started putting it on with my bare hands. Took a long time, was quite messy, and my hands burn from the paint, but I did it dammit.

And I have a poop story that I am going to tell tomorrow. This entry is long enough and at least it gets rid of my last depressing entry. So that's that.


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