2002-03-20 - 8:11 p.m.

I just finished reading an article telling me not to drink milk anymore because it causes health problems. My question to the medical world out there is this, “How do YOU want us to die?”

We all have to die sometime, even if we were at a point where people could live disease free until the age of two hundred, who would really want to be that old anyway? So we all must die, that is not a question, whether it be cancer, pneumonia, a heart attack, we all will die, by what means, we do not know, but it will happen. So am I supposed to live the rest of my life eating soy products, low fat this or that, water and whole grains? No, because now soy products have been blamed for disease, and they are saying that low fat options may not be the best choice either, whole grains can cause a number of ailments and alas, water can lead to health problems as well.

Not only am I confused as to WHAT I can eat, but how am I supposed to die? For a minute I thought, “Well maybe they are thinking that in the utopian world they are striving to create, everyone will die from accidents.” Then I remembered the strict anti-accident measures this world takes. Seat belt laws, a plethora of safety tests for vehicles, safety in the home, fire extinguishers, safety goggles etc... there is no end to it.

So, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DIE? I would rather drink my milk everyday and be one of the persons who is 70% more likely to develop liver cancer at the age of 80 because I imbibe a dairy product, then never drink milk again. I would rather have butter on my toast and have a heart attack at the age of 80 then live without butter. I’m not saying I’m a glutton, I watch my weight and I watch the foods that pass through my lips for health content. I don’t eat ice cream everyday but not because my health would decline. I don’t eat it every day because if I were overweight my daily quality of life would not b e as good as it is now. So I eat it once a week, a big, six scoop cup of chocomania every Sunday. And I drink coffee everyday without worrying how it will affect my in forty years. I worry about today. I know I will die eventually, and I imagine it will be some sort of cancer, and that’s okay with me because it is inevitable. It is sad when young people die from disease, it shouldn’t happen, but how much of their diseases are caused by what they ATE for the short span of their lives? If a five year old dies of cancer, is that to be blamed on ALL those years of drinking milk? Yes, ideally, I would like to live to be 80, I would like to know my grandchildren and spend twenty years in retirement, but that’s it. It would be unfortunate if I died earlier than that, but at least I was happy today, and yesterday because I ate happily. |

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